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Sharing the joy of fly fishing and the region’s streams with others is a passion of Knee Deep guides. Whether you’re an expert angler or a first-time fisherman, the Knee Deep experience is tailored to your specific interests and experience.  Our offerings range from in-home casting and fly tying instruction to multi-day on-water escapes.  And, of course, we can design custom packages for corporate events and special occasions, including bachelor outings, anniversaries, and girls day out.

News For Salty Anglers

In the news today is an announcement coming from NOAA relating to their National Saltwater Angler Registry and the changes coming up for 2011. New for this year :if you’re holding a saltwater fishing license from any state other than Hawaii, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands you’re OK for 2011 and don’t have to re-register. What’s unclear is if “non-resident” licenses make you exempt – I assume yes. I’m hoping there will be more clear revisions of this in the weeks to come.

The link here:


As with many of my fellow anglers I chase stripers up and down the coast so this is an interesting announcement. In discussing with friends today one positive from this announcement is that any funds being charged are staying within the states and not getting lost here on Capitol Hill. I have a sweet spot in my heart for the beaches and jetties of New Jersey so I’m sure my friends up there will be cheering for this one; who doesn’t love paying $15 to get put on a list?

Icing on the cake for New Jersey anglers are rumors of problems registering for 2011 today. Maybe you have to wait till Jan 1. Good luck getting Knee Deep in that process!