Where We Fish

The Big Gunpowder Falls

A tailwater stream located within the Gunpowder Falls State Park offering  a variety of fishing types, The Big Gunpowder Falls holds something for every type of angler. The upper reaches of the special regulations water provides a high gradient, gorge-like, situation with fast riffles and large boulder strewn pools. The stream’s brown trout have to make a decision about the angler’s flies quickly and strikes can be explosive. Further downstream the river flows over bright gravel bottoms with a more open feel and easier wading. The river hosts great populations of fish, some quite large, and healthy populations of mayflies, caddis flies and stoneflies and spring and summer deliver great hatches at different times of the day. Osprey’s and Bald eagles keep a close eye on the river wile minks, deer and foxes can be seen in the surrounding woods making for an exciting outdoor experience. A feeling of being far from the hustle and bustle of the city takes over as anglers hike further from the access points and relaxing is easy.

The Potomac

Flowing through Washington DC and Maryland the Potomac River offers a range of fishing experiences. From fishing structure around the DC region before and after work for bass and catfish on the fly-rod, to wading warm water upriver from the city for smallmouth bass after a long day at work there’s lots of chances to hook up close to DC. Just 45 minutes from town anglers can soak their feet while wet-wading and casting poppers to smallmouth bass and on a summer evening while forgetting all about their work-week.