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We’re headed to Hacklebarney TU , Thursday!

Just when I thought the show season was over, it’s time to pack up and head to my old stomping grounds at NJ’s Hacklebarney  Trout Unlimited meeting. This Thursday night, we’ll be there talking about fishing The Big Gunpowder Falls and telling all sorts of lies.  I hope you can make it if you’re in […]

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The Big Show is Here!

The Fly Fishing Show is coming to Somerset, NJ January 24th, 25th and 26th. It’s the biggest thing in fly fishing and you need to go! Not only will you have a chance to see the latest in fly fishing gear, you’ll get to sit in on free seminars and lectures by fly fishing’s greatest […]

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…on new flies

 Armed with a new fly pattern, I set out to get a picture of it hanging from the corner of a fish’s mouth. I was sure it would work but who really knows when it comes to new flies. There were plenty of fish willing to hook themselves but nearly every one was hooked in a manner […]

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Ater The Storm

Here at Knee Deep Headquarters, we’re happy to report that Sandy missed us by a hair. Sadly our pals up in NJ and NYC got the worst of it. Rain came and went, and by Friday, flows on The Big Gunpowder were down to fishable levels. At 260 CFS, wading was still tough but the […]

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In The news…Golf vs Fly Fishing

Some folks know that I love to poke fun at golf when it is compared to fly fishing. Yes, I still have some old clubs in the closet somewhere. This article comes from The Bulletin out of Oregon. It got me reminiscing about the good old days when I would sneak out onto the golf […]

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Low Water on The Gunpowder – Think Smaller!

While flows on the Big Gunpowder Falls are abysmally low, smaller streams in the area are looking nice and full for July. Exposed rocks in the Big Gunpowder falls will raise temps below Masemore Rd. fast on hot sunny days while the Baltimore DPW has the valves cranked low. If you’re headed up to there […]

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There Are Days Like This

   When the weather heats up in the Baltimore/DC region and the flows are down on the Big Gunpowder Falls, there’s nothing better than a little wet-wading. In the last week there have been a few days that feel like proper summer is on it’s way. Temps in the 80′s with high humidity got the […]

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Full Moon Days

   Summer can’t be far off.

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Report: It’s Like A Heatwave

 Spring seems to be here to stay and so are the hatches.  Sunday’s outing provided plenty of sunshine and warm temps as well as mayflies and caddis. A mixed bag of insects keeps anglers busy changing flies but the action seems to continue throughout most of the day.  As the sun rose higher during the day, […]

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March Comes in Like Lamb…..

Last Friday I got a chance to take out some folks for Backwater Angler  and show them around on the Gunpowder. A few warm days got the fish excited before our outing and the stoneflies were keeping them busy in the slack-water and eddies. Friday was a little cooler and cloudier than it had been but […]

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