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News You Can Take Fishing

The Maryland DNR is working on a new interactive fishing page. They say it’s still evolving but I think it’s a winner already. I was lucky enough to hear about it from the team creating it at a recent MD SFAC meeting in Annapolis. The map is clickable and you can select different options to […]

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The Big Show is Here!

The Fly Fishing Show is coming to Somerset, NJ January 24th, 25th and 26th. It’s the biggest thing in fly fishing and you need to go! Not only will you have a chance to see the latest in fly fishing gear, you’ll get to sit in on free seminars and lectures by fly fishing’s greatest […]

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In The news…Golf vs Fly Fishing

Some folks know that I love to poke fun at golf when it is compared to fly fishing. Yes, I still have some old clubs in the closet somewhere. This article comes from The Bulletin out of Oregon. It got me reminiscing about the good old days when I would sneak out onto the golf […]

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More Fracking in the News

The Roanoake Times reports on some proposed changes to regulations related to fracking in the GW and Jefferson National Forests. It sounds like there may be some holes in there that open up some prime logging country but it sounds like it’s not broad. The plan apparently allows for vertical drilling but not hydrolic fracturing. […]

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In The News…and my 2 cents

After Maryland’s big push to get anglers to buy new boots and ditch their felt soles (link here!)  in the name of preventing the spread of “Rock Snot” It seems they’ve not done their homework when it comes to their fish suppliers. From the Maryland DNR’s own site, they report on the issue briefly and discuss […]

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In The News…DC’s show!

This weekend is the 36th Anual Angling Show assembled by NCC-TU.  It’s a neat show with a good handful of folks presenting on topics like small stream trout, bass/smallies and the like. It’s only $10 to get in and, like any of the shows, it’s a good chance to catch up with old friends and […]

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In the News – Here On The Hill

I found this one here on The Hill. It’s a short article with a few quotes from Utah’s Rob Bishop. Article here Thoughts of “pockets” and “hands” come to mind. Fracking is coming to a neighborhood near you. If you’re a DC/MD/VA resident with Comcast cable and have HBO on demand you can catch the […]

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In The News – Striped Bass

From the Washington Post today – news of a Chesapeake Bay striped bass,  AKA: “Rockfish”, illegal netting operation SORT OF busted. LINK HERE They way I read it, the netters knew they were watching them and just gave up on that net. Hard to say for sure but at least they’re out one 900 yard […]

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This Must Be Just Like Living In Paradise

I’m thinking Cabin in the woods. The “fincube” looks like it’d make for a cool low impact fishing retreat. I see the only issue is that you’d have to clean up your breakfast mess before you can tie flies at the counter. More views here.

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While You Were Sleeping…

While I was at The Fly Fishing Show catching up with old friends and learning about all the typos I’m so fond of posting here in the Internet, Virginia’s legislators were hard at work stomping out wetlands. If you’re a Virginia Voter, get on that one – it won’t kill you to send an e-mail. […]

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