Holy High Water…we’re fishing!

Got some time on your hands and want to get out? We’ve got two openings next week. Tuesday and Wednesday are up for grabs and we’d love to show you around our favorite spring spots. Temps are good even if flows are high and it’s a great time to work on your streamer game.

#14 Brown Stones

Brown Stones

Spring is here and it’s been a wet one. While drying out, we’ve been getting busier and busier here at Knee Deep Headquarters. It’s time to start thinking wet flies for the spring hatches and streamers are a good bet when the water is high up on the Gunpowder. The sulfur hatch is a ways off but we’ll have Hendricksons, caddis, and stoneflies right now.  Every day is different this time of year and we could find ourselves nymphing, swing wets, or tossing big minnow patterns to create our own bite.

We’ll be on the road for the next few days but available.  Give us a call to book at (202) 681-8765 or email us at Info@kneedeepff.com

We’ll see you on the river!


Everybody must get stones….


We’ve waited long enough!

It’s about time!



The early black stoneflies are the first real chance we get to fish dry flies in Maryland. Trout are looking up and skittering stones across the surface of the water is a great way to cover a lot of water and catch fish!


We’re booking up for April but still have a couple days left on the calendar for the month. If you’ve not had success in the spring on Maryland’s streams in the early spring, give Knee Deep Fly Fishing a call and let us guide you. We’ll help you make the most of your time on the water.




It rained, it snowed, we fished

This morning I thought I’d be over dressed for fishing. I started my day south of the Big Gunpowder in 50+ weather and ended at 34 degrees with rain and snow flakes. I know we just have to hang in there for a couple more weeks and we’ll be fishing in t-shirts. – Micah

March Comes in Like Lamb…..

Last Friday I got a chance to take out some folks for Backwater Angler  and show them around on the Gunpowder. A few warm days got the fish excited before our outing and the stoneflies were keeping them busy in the slack-water and eddies. Friday was a little cooler and cloudier than it had been but any time I’m not shoveling snow in March, I’m not going to complain.

Theaux set us up with one of his 5pc Winston 4wts to try out (We brought it back in the original 5 pieces) and we had a great time putting it through its paces. With a few clouds overhead, the water temps flirted with 50 degrees, though it didn’t quite get there for us. Stoneflies and Blue Winged Olives provided the bulk of our action. The father and son duo were good company on the water and, as someone who treasures fishing-time with family, I had fun showing them around. They reminded me a lot of my brothers and I with some good laughs about casting and catching. We landed a few and, with the sunshine peeking out right at the end of the day, it felt like Spring was surely here. It reminds me that I need to put some days on the calender to fish with my own family.

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Tight Lines in March

 If you’re headed out this week and weekend, check the weather and the gauges. This gauge has flows AND temps. When it heats up, fishing should be great. Pack some stoneflies, a few Hendricksons and a lunch – make a day of it! Don’t have flies or haven’t renewed your license yet this year? Swing by Backwater and talk to Theaux’s crew. There’s some gold out there (see photo below) and it’s hungry!

Tying your own flies? Knee Deep has some patterns for you. Check out our favorites for spring! Get signed up for the Knee Deep Fly Fishing Newsletter and keep up to date!

Keep your stick on the water!


March Gold

Welcome To Knee Deep Fly Fishing

Sharing the joy of fly fishing and the region’s streams with others is a passion of Knee Deep guides. Whether you’re an expert angler or a first-time fisherman, the Knee Deep experience is tailored to your specific interests and experience.  Our offerings range from in-home casting and fly tying instruction to multi-day on-water escapes.  And, of course, we can design custom packages for corporate events and special occasions, including bachelor outings, anniversaries, and girls day out.

March comes back with cold and snow?

As is fitting with most of my outings this Spring, the good days seem to happen when I’m busy with indoor activities and the cold days land on my days marked “FISH!” on the daytimer. I was not discouraged and after some fun stops in the AM I was on my way to the water with my dog Shay. Once we’d settled in and remembered what it was like to be outdoors we got into a good groove.    

"My new 'scent' "


While there were some tiny bugs here and there and I even saw one small fish bust the surface, I was throwing weight at the log jams. This little guy took a few tries to hook but he came out of his hiding place 3 times before chewing up my fly.

March Brown Jr.


The fishing got better as the sun fell and the eagles stopped flying around above me and a few fly changes later I had a good formula going. It was great to get out and unwind for a while. I eventually had to throw in the towel in favor of dry socks food and a good brushing for the dog…not before a few better fish were duped by some more creative streamer fishing.   

March Brown ...that's better!


I spent half an hour or so picking grass out of my dog’s coat and packing up my laundry and wet leaky (fairly new) waders and then headed down towards Baltimore for some dinner. A while back the guys over at Backwater Angler clued me into Andy Nelson’s BBQ and it was just what the dog and I needed after a day eating squashed sandwiches. As always it was great and hit the spot after working hard chasing after trout with a stick!    

BBQ Dinner


All-in-all it was a great day and with over 150 hard-won miles put on my new transmission I made it home safe and sound. That “satisfied but tired” feeling that only comes after a day on the water was good to feel again after a long winter and I’d almost forgotten about those 2 fish days spent with frozen guides and hands. I’m looking forward to the warmer days ahead.