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Why Wets?

Fly selection is a funny thing. I love to share tips and swap flies in the parking lot with my pals. Sometimes, it’s the most basic flies that catch fish. I can remember fishing the Claremont Stretch with my friend John when I was a teenager and him insisting that wet flies were the ticket. […]

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Gunpowder Falls Fishing Report

Training Knee Deep Fly Fishing’s newest employee, Luke, has taken us away from posting in the last couple weeks. Who would have guessed it! We’re putting in lots of time on the water though and it’s been a great past few weeks. The fishing is finally turning up towards the surface. Caddis have been making their way to the […]

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Stormy Weather

  Sunny Days and Brown Trout   With stormy weather in the forecast for this afternoon, it’s nice to look back at some of the sunnier days. The sulfurs won’t mind if it’s raining. In thinking about it, a few years ago I left the city only to get stuck in traffic for hours and […]

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Some Nights

Some nights are just better than others. If you can stay late for the next couple weeks, your reward will be spinner falls and big pools to yourself. Pack a few Rusty Spinners and coffee for the ride home. Check out Matt Grobert and Tim Flagler’s Rusty spinners over at Caddis Chronicles. I like mine with an […]

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Super Duper

The water is a bit cool but it’ll feel nice when the temps crank up this weekend. Flows are what we call “nice and flush” here at Knee Deep and things are looking perfect for the next few days. We’ll see you on the water!  

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Sunny Days and Sulfurs

     You can’t help but have a great time when the sun is shining and the sulfurs are coming off the water on a nice afternoon. The fishing’s been great even with the higher flows. If you can stay late for the spinner fall, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of elbow room and bold trout. […]

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Getting Knee Deep …Late Night

Lots of anglers can put in the 8 hour day or even longer. Other anglers only need 45 minutes to catch as many fish as you did all day. Those anglers are making the most of their time on the water by dialing their fishing hours in to the most productive. The minutes just at […]

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2.5 Feet High and Rising

  While the water is high and may get higher today, there are sunny skies in the future forecast. Here at Knee Deep Headquarters, we’ve got a day off the water tying Pheasant Tail nymphs and spinners for when things return to normal. The prior week was filled with great fishing on The Big Gunpowder […]

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There Are Days Like This

   When the weather heats up in the Baltimore/DC region and the flows are down on the Big Gunpowder Falls, there’s nothing better than a little wet-wading. In the last week there have been a few days that feel like proper summer is on it’s way. Temps in the 80′s with high humidity got the […]

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Report: It’s Like A Heatwave

 Spring seems to be here to stay and so are the hatches.  Sunday’s outing provided plenty of sunshine and warm temps as well as mayflies and caddis. A mixed bag of insects keeps anglers busy changing flies but the action seems to continue throughout most of the day.  As the sun rose higher during the day, […]

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