A Mouthful

The Big April Mayflies are a meal for the trout on the Big Gunpowder Falls. I was lucky enough to get out last Wednesday when the weather was in the 80’s and the sun was shining; I have no excuse for not posting a report sooner.  

The official report: PERFECT!  

The water temps are jumping up with every rainstorm and the bugs are active. This has the trout feeling pretty bold. While my fish were great in number I didn’t hook into any submarines. They’re still in there however and after running into Theaux from the Backwater Angler up in Monkton, he and his pal had proof on their camera phone at the end of the night and bragging rights. See the short story here. Swing by his shop and pick up a few flies and fresh leaders and keep his lights on if you’re headed up this way. 


Monday looks like a repeat of last week’s situation – storms followed by warm weather – and with a little luck the gas prices will stay low.  Here’s a couple pics, below, from my outing. I’m off to hit the bench to crank out a dozen fresh flies.  

I was pretty happy when I saw $4.23 high-test!
Nice Brown

An average fish for the day. I could catch these for days.


Jsut look at that bottom!

High but clear.


The Bats are out. The warmer weather can't be far behind.

The bats are out. The warmer weather can't be far behind.