November’s Winds Of Change

With the addition of this new blog I hope to post updates of events and fishing reports from recent trips with pictures thrown in. 

Icy Guides - Early November 2010

A run up to the Big Gunpowder Falls this week required some digging through the gear to finds hats and gloves. When we arrived in the morning the temperature on the truck’s thermometer read 26 degrees.  We had a frigid start complete with ice in the guides. The water temps were still in the high 40’s and flirting with 50 as the day went on. It was great to be chucking nymphs with gloves on – a novelty which will wear off sometime in February. 

I had high hopes for the day but the clouds rolled in and I only saw one caddis. The fish were eagerly chasing streamers but were a little skittish in the low flows. 

Bead Head Cased Caddis

Careful wading and some long casts were the name of the game but all that could change after this front moves through. Keep checking in. As it rains it’s a great chance to get caught up on the fly tying. The weather looks clear and warm all next week and I have high hopes for the caddis.