Fall is The New Spring!

Fall is here and it feels great. Cooler temps make for some more comfortable fishing and, while temps haven’t caused the leaves to turn yet, the insects are changing. The caddis are out but you’ll see larger October caddis and a range of others (carry a few sizes) and tricos in the mornings. Don’t be afraid to fish your caddis “wet” and don’t overlook the edges of the stream. Fall storms bringing much needed rain are giving Gunpowder anglers fluctuating flows and an opportunity to throw streamers when the water is high. Be sure and check the guages before you hit the road. We didn’t see any tubers last week in the C&R sections and most of the crowds are back in school or working now that Labor Day has passed.

Last week’s fishing provided a mixed bag of insects and lower water made presentation more important than ever.  The weather was nice but, as is often the case, good company makes the day.  While I had a chance to take a friend fishing last week, we ran into a fly fishing legend. You’ll have to LIKE Knee Deep Fly Fishing on Facebook to see who.  I’ll say he’s one of the greatest ambassadors for fly fishing and an all-around great guy.

We’ll see you on the water!

The Knee Deep Team


Soaking up early Fall

Cool Fog On The Gunpowder

July Fog On The Gunpowder

With better flows in the last few days I headed up to the Gunpowder Falls after teaching a fun “Fly Fishing 101” class at the Bethesda Orvis store. The drive was HOT but it was great to soak my feet in that icy cold water. My thermometer read 52 and the flow was around 75cfs. There wasn’t a ton of activity but hoppers and caddis proved to be the ticket. I swung emergers through the riffles that were dry a few days ago and had dozen strikes with 6 fish getting off the hook. Frustrating but when you’re letting them go anyway it’s OK knowing you fooled them. After working through a run I’d cast back up into it with a dry caddis or hopper and was rewarded with a few splashy strikes. 

July Evening Trout at 75cfs

I didn’t fish long but was glad I made the drive despite all the tubers floating down the river. I hadn’t fished the weekend in a while and have gotten spoiled on the weekdays. If you’re headed out avoid the weekends if you can. Early and late will help you beat the crowds. Be sure and check USGS.gov and check the flows before leaving the house. It’s worth the time with all the thunderstorms we’ve had recently.