“Do you see any fish?”

"I don't see any fish"

"I don't see any fish"


Often I run into anglers on the trails and hear them say “I didn’t see a fish all day.”


“They’re in there!” I tell them. Often while  looking at a scene like the one above.


I know how hard it can be when the fish aren’t feeding on the surface to believe that there’s fish in the pool in front of you. I like to sit on the bank with other anglers and clients and just observe the water for ten minutes. The trout in the Big Gunpowder Falls haven’t escaped Bald Eagles and herons by making themselves easy to spot. After approaching a run or a pool, taking a few minutes to watch and let the fish get used to your presence can make all the difference.


"There's a fish!"

"There's a fish!"


While talking with a fellow angler in just such a situation last week, the fish above resumed feeding. Boldly, this fish swam several feet in all directions to chase down emerging sulfurs. You can spot him swimming toward the camera. We marveled as other fish took up feeding positions alongside this fish and they swirled around in plain sight of us.  We couldn’t have seen them without polarized glasses and some patience. Often, while fishing, I’ll suggest we take a five minute break after making many casts to a feeding fish who seems to vanish.


Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see fish. Reading the water and learning to spot the fish comes with practice. Don’t hit the water without your polarized sunglasses and approach the water carefully. Don’t rush to wade into the middle of the flow and you’ll be rewarded with opportunities you never saw before.


Keep your stick on the water,


Micah & The Knee Deep Fly Fishing Team


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