Flat Tires and Trout

Thursday was a day unlike any other day. As I drink coffee this morning getting ready to go teach “fly fishing 101” over at the orvis shop, I’m I’m remembering how every day on the water is a new chance to learn and the conditions are never the same. Even after all these years on the water and lot of time on the same water, no two days are alike. Each time on the water is another chance to fish different conditions. While the flows had dropped to a more reasonable level over on the Gunpowder, the temps were dropping too.
After a quick trip to the local gas station to get a quick tire-plug to replace the drywall screw that was in my tire, a few cups of coffee to help me recover from the “there’s someone in the house” at 3:30am,  I was on my way to the river. I got to take out a great guy who also happened to be a great fisherman. It seems we missed out on the “free flies” giveaway at Masemore Road but after only a short while we were into fish. It was a great start to the day but around 4:00pm the water temps had really started to drop and the bugs were becoming thin. After a good lunch break we hit the stream again expecting some hotter “late day” action that never quite got hot but there were a few fish. The water had gone from 60 deg to close to 58 and felt even colder. If there was a chance the sulphurs would have come back to the stream that went out the window when the wind started blowing. We sure had a great time and it felt good to see someone dust off their fly-rods and stretch their line a bit. I’m always reminded that fly fishing for trout is really an exercise in relaxing and having fun. Thanks for all the laughs Bill!

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